Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edición Limitada 2018

Tacos is a Limited Edition of the Romeo y Julieta brand launched in 2018 at the Club Pasión Habanos in Madrid. The vitola is inspired by the famous Imperial Tacos, a thick-gauge cigar format that was made during the 70s.

It has the medium flavour that characterizes the Romeo y Julieta vitolas, but its manufacturing is very special, as it is a select variety, made by the best Pinar del Río cigar makers.

They are made entirely by hand, with tripa larga. They are cigars that take time to burn, which makes them perfect candidates for a memorable evening with or without company, but surrounded by Habanos, Cuban style.

Format: Tacos Imperiales (Grand Corona)

Size: 6" x 49 RG

Strength: Medium Full

Enjoyment Time: 75 mins

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